Our company is mainly engaged in OEM and ODM underwear orders. Japan orders using management models, in strict accordance with the requirements of production • Day One test. On the basis of its own production lines on the upstream and downstream plant integration, from weaving, lace weaving, dyeing, sewing production, one-stop service. On the material supply chain, and several well-known material suppliers in Japan we have many years stable business cooperation and achieved some special new materials in the domestic marketing rights. And with material suppliers to develop new weaving technology, constantly functional fabric, comfort on innovation. In the process of production and processing of orders from Japan, we have introduced automated assembly line, automatic cutting, matching the original CAD system, improve the operation of small orders. Faced with market requirements for fast fashion, make full use of their advantages, and strive to shorten the production cycle, speed up product flow.

     We look forward to working with domestic and foreign merchants and common development.